New Supe

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Cheryl Crawley has been selected as the new superintendent of the Great Falls school district, according to KRTV and the Trib. Good credentials – seems to be a good choice. I was a little surprised at how much press the entire process received – is the hiring of a new superintendent normally such a community event, or is that unique to Great Falls?
And by the way – here is a picture of our new Supe:



  1. In my experience, superintendent hires get a lot of coverage. Very few people impact as many children on a daily basis through their decisions (as opposed to a direct impact such as a teacher) as a superintendent. They have a direct say in funding and discipline policies for children, among other important initiatives. Anyone who had a child go through that school, or plans to have one, as well as any alumni are inherently interested as a result. How we handle our kids can reflect the future of our community including crime rate (negative impact) and econmic progress or academic recognition (positive impacts of such a position).

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