Verizon Voicemail

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You know when you call someone’s cell phone and you get their voicemail, and the voice goes through a list of options that you really don’t care about? Like, “…to send a fax, press 4…” Pretty annoying, when all you want to do is hear the *beep* and leave your message. Well, apparently that baffles the folks at the Tribune, who in today’s “The Edge” column admit: “We’re told that you can get rid of the robotic voice and get right to the beep, but we haven’t figured it out. Judging by the messages we get, no one else has either.” Never fear, Dave to the rescue: after countless hours of exhausting research (read: three seconds of using Google), I have found the solution:

Yes, there is a way to skip right to the beep to leave your message faster. When you call most Verizon Wireless subscribers, press the * key when you hear their message begin to play, and then leave your message.

Hey, maybe I have what it takes to be an investigative journalist, too, just like GeeGuy and Firefly!

Just for fun, here’s the full text of the Edge piece about voicemail, in case theirs disappears behind their Archives wall:

trib voicemail.jpg



  1. Hmmmm. The Tribune had a question, published it and you ran down the answer. Sounds like you just got played for a stooge. Hey, one of the Tribune reporters wants a cup of coffee. Go get it, toady.

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