Journalists By Any Other Name

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Correct me if I’m wrong…but you know all of that stuff that GeeGuy and Firefly have been doing lately? You know, stuff like asking questions, doing research, digging around for details about the proposed Highwood Coal Plant…well, isn’t that the kind of stuff that, you know…journalists and reporters are supposed to do? As part of their job? Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall seeing this kind of reporting in any of the traditional local media outlets. Whatever your opinion about the proposed coal plant, you’ve really got to give credit to GeeGuy and Firefly for their investigative – dare I say it? – journalism. They’re doing this gratis – free – in addition to their regular lives and jobs. Maybe the Tribune (or KRTV or KFBB) ought to cut those two a check once in a while.



  1. The local media are NOT qualified to do the necessary in-depth reporting concerning the Highwood Coal Plant and the financial exposure of the City of Great Falls, other than to repeat any hand-outs that they are given. The local media know that they are NOT qualified and that’s why they will “over look” what GeeGuy and Firefly are reporting because reporting what GeeGuy and Firefly are doing would be a public admisssion that the local media are NOT qualified.

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