Happy Monday!

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Just a few things to pass along…first, there’s a new blogger in town – go over to visit Lone Star Big Sky and give her a big Great Falls welcome! She’s already added to the Great Falls Blogroll (over in the left sidebar).
Second, I finally got around to adding a “subscribe to this blog” link over in the upper-right corner. Turns out that some people don’t surf blogs every day, and instead prefer to receive updates via e-mail whenever there is a new entry – so I’m glad to accommodate them.
Over at SAM 107.3, you can vote for your team in the Super Bowl poll.
Speaking of radio – hey Hershey, when are you going to update the site and replace Bubba’s picture with a shot of Bejay?
And on the subject of websites that need updating…nah, don’t get me started. I’ll save that for later in the week. Happy Monday everyone!


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