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According to the K-99 website, you can get a free tattoo (up to $50 value) at Mystic Rhythm Tattoo (review #1, #2) on Fridays:

“*98-9, K99 & Mystic Rhythm Tattoo are offering ‘FREE Tattoo Fridays!’ Just be the 1st person into Mystic Rhythm’s at 1301 9th Avenue South at 12 Noon THIS (& Every) Friday to say… “I want my FREE K99/Mystic Rhythm tattoo!” and you’ll receive a FREE $50 value tattoo of the artist’s choice, courtesy of Great Falls Hit Music Station, K99!”

I have considered getting a tattoo – just toyed with the idea, as I am generally opposed to tattoos – but if I did, it would likely be something very simple, like the words “I Love Great Falls” or maybe even “” Rest assured, if I ever do decide to go through with it, it will NOT be located here…




  1. I’m not a big fan of tattoos, but there are more important things for me to be outraged at. However, even though the article spells it right, I have to point out that the tattoo parlor in question is in their third location in about five years or so, and in each location the sign out front has had a misspelled “Rhythm.” So be careful you don’t end up with “I Love Grat Falls.” 😉

  2. For those who follow the Biblical Commandment (Lev. 19:28) that prohibits tattoos, it’s not a hard choice to make.

  3. Understood, Firefly, but it’s still misspelled. And if I were into tattoos at all, that failure to be concerned with getting details right would immediately disqualify them from consideration.

  4. I think that the Spelling was done on purpose…Alot of the Tattoo Shops do that its kinda the “ebonices” of tattooing I dont think that the Mystic rhythems will give you a bad Tattoo Plus if you dont like the design you dont have to take it. Plus you are able to Proof your tattoos before there put on so if there is a misspelling you can catch it if not its you fault..

  5. Yes right it is important that you like the tattoos and that the spelling is right in case it is a word cause otherwise you will say later on: oh my good “I should have never done that”. And laser tattoo removals are expensive – so better get a nice tattoo you love and you can identify yourself with.

  6. Do you guys have lower back art you know like 8-balls its my favorite number and object. also do you guys have dragon wings for the back not lower shoulder area?

  7. the name is misspelled because it is named after The Music of “RUSH” they have a song called Mystic Rhythms……
    Guess you have to know them to understand.

  8. Well the owner of the shop wouldnt kno how to spell Mystic Rthyms if it bit him in the ass.The owner is currently in Federal Prison in Virginia for Running a prostitution ring and whatever other charges they could have on her.Most likely Money Laundrying of sorts.The Husband is out of prison on burglary charges and is a violent offender currently charged with Kidnapping,Assault,Rape…..The current artist is a drug addict willing to come to your house also.Go figure.The clientele that currently hangs out there is of the prison release sorts….Have fun.Take your chances and be warned…..

  9. I love tattoos and don’t for a minute regret getting any of them, I’m currently getting a koi tattoo sleeve down my left arm can’t wait to get it finished! as can only afford shortsessions at a time. My local tattoo artist is very experienced and also extremly expensive but, he’s worth it! Great site btw

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