Behind The Scenes

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If you watched the KRTV morning news today, you know that today was the last day for anchor Cecile Juliette – she is moving on to be the new co-anchor of an ABC affiliate in Colorado. Best wishes to Cecile – thanks for making mornings here in Great Falls a bit brighter during your two+ years here! I got to hang out behind the scenes at the KRTV studio this morning to see how they “make” the news, and it was very cool. Kim, Brian, and Dylan – the team behind the camera – were wonderful – they answered all of my stupid questions and were very nice people. The level of “multi-tasking” that goes on is amazing – getting everything to work perfectly right on cue takes some serious coordination. Also a big shout-out to Cecile’s mom, visiting from Texas, who brought us all delicious Starbuck’s coffee! To the whole team at the KRTV morning news: thank you for letting me take a peek “behind the curtain!”

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  1. I’m frequently tempted to rip on the lack of proofreading in local broadcasting (just saw a local PSA about taxes that referred to ‘Head of Houshold”), but then I see promos on “real” channels like Comedy Central doing the its/it’s thing.

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