Malmstrom In The News

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Malmstrom Air Force Base in the news yesterday: first, the 4-star general that is in charge of all Air Force missile and space operations, General Kevin Chilton, visited Malmstrom and toured the base, met lots of the Airmen, and awarded Bronze Star medals to three Airmen for their service in Iraq. Second, the General addressed the issue of downsizing the nuclear-missile arsenal at Malmstrom; it appears likely that 50 of the 200 missiles will be “de-commissioned.” Those 50 are built differently than the other 150, hence earning the unit that they are assigned to the nickname “The Odd Squad.” Of note: General Chilton is also an astronaut, having served aboard three space-shuttle missions. Third, a team from Malmstrom was directed to Browning late yesterday to investigate a suspicious white substance at the Blackfeet tribal headquarters, which was delivered in an envelope that also contained a vaguely threatening note.


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