The Sting

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Here’s the list – can you guess what these places have in common?

Barrel O’ Bucks, The Pin & Cue, Dante’s Creative Cuisine, The Iron Pine Lounge, Fuddruckers, La Pastada, Noone’s Food Store at 3200 10th Avenue South, Peres Food Basket, the Flying J Travel Plaza, the Loading Zone and Albertson’s Fuel Center on the Northwest Bypass.

Yep – that’s the list of the local establishments that failed the semi-routine alcohol sting. According to the Trib, there were 72 businesses that were tested; of them, 11 sold alcohol to an underage person – six of them after seeing an ID card that indicated the person was not 21, and five of them apparently without asking for any ID. Some of you might remember that the last time the GF PD conducted such a sting (April 2006), there was a brief flurry of controversy when the PD “stung” a prvivate party at Pizzazz, and there was also discussion about the effectiveness of such stings.


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