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What’s going on in the Great Falls blogosphere? AJ is back, after a brief hiatus, and is no longer Raving. Mose continues to post some cool pix from his near-daily runs. Zen Panda has gotten hooked on a new TV medical drama. Best Buddie has a new favorite toy for the new year, and also just celebrated her blogiversary. GeeGuy is in a bit of a self-described lull right now, but that doesn’t stop him from asking some good questions. Firefly has a cute joke (that took me longer than it should have to “get”). I saw three (and got one less-than-perfect picture) deer on the golf course when I was driving along Alden Drive last Saturday (during the mini-snowstorm) – so cute! One last thing: would you believe that no one has yet correctly answered the “Where Was This Picture Taken” contest?


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