Stopover in Great Falls

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Some guys took a long road trip – from Seattle to New York City – and cruised through Great Falls along the way. They posted a 3-minute video of their time here, which chronicles their journey from 13th Street (near TJs) along 10th Avenue South and down to Fox Farm Road (where they snicker at the new name of the former Sinclair convenience store). Their primary observation during their trip: Great Falls has quite a few casinos.



  1. This was funny, I’ve had a number of the same comments from people who have never been to Great Falls, Montana. We have a lot of Casinos.

  2. This video actually shows a very sad part of this city, in my opinion. As the previous commenter, I’ve also had the same experience when family and friends come to town. They notice all of the different casinos.

    I think it makes our town look like a joke. It’s too bad the powers that be don’t see it this way.

  3. We care, GeeGuy, because they are just like you–people with something to say. And what they’re saying is the epitome of “branding”. Branding is not your marketing campaign, it’s what people think of when they mention your product. If someone mentions, “Great Falls”, and people think, “casinos”, then we should congratulate ourselves on a successful branding campaign.

    Oh, wait, that ISN’T what we want people to think when someone says, “Great Falls”?

    Then, what’s being done about it? Or, are we just talking about the weather…

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