Local Music Scene

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The Trib has an article about the local music scene – specifically, live local music targeted at the younger folks in town. Essentially, there are only two venues that offer such music, which generally fall into the categories of punk, rock, and ska: the Black Eagle Community Center and the Northwest Center. But apparently it’s getting more difficult to keep the shows going, with fewer kids attending recently. So what can be done to encourage the local bands and keep live shows going? According to Ashley Wojtala, advertising is critical, and she cites MTPunk as a great resource for keeping tabs on local bands and shows and also mentions MySpace, which is a great place for local bands to highlight their stuff (such as Exit 277). I’ve got an interest in this, because my younger child (15) attends shows regularly with her friends – they really enjoy the music and the local bands. So – what do you think? Is the local music scene for younger folks in trouble? How can the community make them better, safer, or otherwise broaden the appeal or frequency?

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