The “Brawny” Lobby

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don ryan, montana state senator Craig at MT Politics, always ready to shine a light on absurdity in our state Legislature, didn’t have to wait very long for Great Falls to make the news, thanks to state senator Don Ryan (D-Great Falls). Senator Ryan wants to mandate that all public restrooms have paper towels. Apparently every inconvenience in modern life requires a law…
And here’s the funny part: The lone witness in support of (the legislation) was Jason Todhunter of the Montana Logging Association.
Wait a minute: a logger + paper towels? Wow – who knew that the Brawny Man moonlighted as a lobbyist?


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  1. Isn’t this embarrassing for us GF citizens? Why couldn’t Ryan fix a real issue like outlawing 1-ply toilet paper? You would think these guys would put 5 minutes into thinking about the bills they submit. Paper towels are the most environmentally unfriendly way to dry your hands when compared to electric dryers and automated cloths towel machines. On the up side, maybe this bill was given to Mr. Ryan to sponsor so that he would have less time available to get involved in any issues where real damage could be done.

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