Questionable Notables

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Taking a look at some of the “Notable People Who Have Lived In Great Falls” reveals some pretty well-known folks that most of us know about: Charlie Russell, Paris Gibson, Ryan Leaf, Charlie Pride, Dave Dickenson, and such. But there were two names on that list that…well, surprised me: Tera Patrick and Victoria Paris. Sure, I suppose that “adult film stars” might be considered “notable” – but context is everything. Any of you folks ever heard of them?



  1. I’ll go you one better, David. I used to know Victoria Paris growing up. We weren’t close friends, mind you, but were casual acquaintances and rode the same bus to school. Close enough that when I sent her an email ten years ago or so, she responded, remembered me, and filled me in on what she had been up to.

    She was a real nice girl growing up, and seemed to be the same when she emailed me back.

  2. It’s funny the wiki doesn’t even mention our own Todd Foster- Olympic boxer.
    I guess he’s less notable than adult film stars.

    (Hey- my email isn’t working again, what’s up?)

  3. It’s funny you brought that up, OLi. We were in a meeting not too long ago with a facilitator from Missoula. She was asking us to discuss positives and negatives about GF. Several people raised meth as a negative.

    “That’s funny,” she said, “I wouldn’t even think of Great Falls with meth. I would think of Kalispell and the Flathead Valley…”

    Maybe sometimes we drive the perception bus ourselves…?

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