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Let’s kick off the new year with a contest! This picture was taken here in Great Falls; your mission is to tell me WHERE it was taken. First person to correctly do so (in the comments or via e-mail) will win any item of their choice from the Greater Falls “schwag store!”


UPDATE, January 20: time’s up – no winner, unfortunately. The correct answer is Tony Roma’s at the Marketplace! Stay tuned for another contest!



  1. Hey, forgive my digression, but did anyone attend the Roger Brooks seminars last Wednesday? I’m dying to exchange thoughts with someone who did, okay?

    As far as the sign is concerned, I remember working at Target, and calling the on-the-floor time we spent with customers “On stage”; I’m hoping it’s a great retail business in Great Falls that is reminding its employees that the performance is truly for the customers!

  2. I’ve seen that before. And since 90% of the establishments I frequented in Great Falls served alcohol, and you don’t go to those places, that really narrows it down. But I can’t figure it out.

  3. Let’s recap: it is NOT any of the following: Fuddruckers, Good Time Charlie’s, Malmstrom Club, Club Cigar, Jaker’s, or Bert & Ernie’s. Keep trying!

  4. It kind of looks like it would be at the Amigo Lounge because of the colors, but I’d guess ‘City bar’ too now that Keri said it…so was she right?

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