Journalists By Any Other Name

Correct me if I’m wrong…but you know all of that stuff that GeeGuy and Firefly have been doing lately? You know, stuff like asking questions, doing research, digging around for details about the proposed Highwood Coal Plant…well, isn’t that the kind of stuff that, you know…journalists and reporters are supposed to do? As part of their job? Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall seeing this kind of reporting in any of the traditional local media outlets. Whatever your opinion about the proposed coal plant, you’ve really got to give credit to GeeGuy and Firefly for their investigative – dare I say it? – journalism. They’re doing this gratis – free – in addition to their regular lives and jobs. Maybe the Tribune (or KRTV or KFBB) ought to cut those two a check once in a while.

What’s The Point?

Warning: minor rant about local websites ahead. Several months ago I got into a minor kerfuffle with someone over at the Great Falls Development Authority about how current – or not – the agency’s website was. It was somewhat of a relief to see that shortly after that exchange they did indeed update the picture on the front page to accurately reflect the current President of the GFDA. It is still somewhat depressing, though, to see that not much else has changed at the site, such as the monthly newsletter section, with the most entry of April 2006 and all “recent” success stories dated 2005; or the Taxes and Incentives page, featuring data from 2005 and a link at the bottom to the Montana Dept of Revenue page that is broken.
The other website that I wanted to mention is The Peak Health and Wellness Center. Most of you know that I love the Peak; I joined in November and truly enjoy going there. But as I mentioned earlier, their site is a bit clunky, too. For instance, large portions of it simply don’t appear when viewed in Firefox. When viewed in MS IE, some of the pages are very old, such as this one advertising programs for 2004 (!), or programs for Summer 2006. Don’t get me wrong – there is lots of current information at The Peak’s site. But when I chatted briefly with the person in charge of the site (back in late November), she told me that the site was being updated and would be ready to go “live” sometime in January. Not that I’m overly pessimistic, but today is January 30…
Most of you know where I’m going with this, and you know that I have no animosity towards either the GFDA or the Peak. I love ’em both, really. I want both of them to grow, succeed, and become even better than they already are. I hope that someone at these organizations reads this and says, “He’s right! Let’s do something about our sites!” – and then does it.
But seriously: what is the point of their websites? What does the GFDA hope to accomplish with it? Do they want out-of-state business people to reach out to the GFDA via their website and then wonder why the most current “newsletter” is nearly a year old? Does the Peak want to encourage people to become new members by presenting information for classes in 2004?
Sigh. If you’re going to operate a website to promote your business, then you’ve got to operate it, not just let it sit there on the internet getting stale.

Happy Monday!

Just a few things to pass along…first, there’s a new blogger in town – go over to visit Lone Star Big Sky and give her a big Great Falls welcome! She’s already added to the Great Falls Blogroll (over in the left sidebar).
Second, I finally got around to adding a “subscribe to this blog” link over in the upper-right corner. Turns out that some people don’t surf blogs every day, and instead prefer to receive updates via e-mail whenever there is a new entry – so I’m glad to accommodate them.
Over at SAM 107.3, you can vote for your team in the Super Bowl poll.
Speaking of radio – hey Hershey, when are you going to update the site and replace Bubba’s picture with a shot of Bejay?
And on the subject of websites that need updating…nah, don’t get me started. I’ll save that for later in the week. Happy Monday everyone!

Tattoo You

Atlanta Locksmith

According to the K-99 website, you can get a free tattoo (up to $50 value) at Mystic Rhythm Tattoo (review #1, #2) on Fridays:

“*98-9, K99 & Mystic Rhythm Tattoo are offering ‘FREE Tattoo Fridays!’ Just be the 1st person into Mystic Rhythm’s at 1301 9th Avenue South at 12 Noon THIS (& Every) Friday to say… “I want my FREE K99/Mystic Rhythm tattoo!” and you’ll receive a FREE $50 value tattoo of the artist’s choice, courtesy of Great Falls Hit Music Station, K99!”

I have considered getting a tattoo – just toyed with the idea, as I am generally opposed to tattoos – but if I did, it would likely be something very simple, like the words “I Love Great Falls” or maybe even “” Rest assured, if I ever do decide to go through with it, it will NOT be located here… Read more

Behind The Scenes

If you watched the KRTV morning news today, you know that today was the last day for anchor Cecile Juliette – she is moving on to be the new co-anchor of an ABC affiliate in Colorado. Best wishes to Cecile – thanks for making mornings here in Great Falls a bit brighter during your two+ years here! I got to hang out behind the scenes at the KRTV studio this morning to see how they “make” the news, and it was very cool. Kim, Brian, and Dylan – the team behind the camera – were wonderful – they answered all of my stupid questions and were very nice people. The level of “multi-tasking” that goes on is amazing – getting everything to work perfectly right on cue takes some serious coordination. Also a big shout-out to Cecile’s mom, visiting from Texas, who brought us all delicious Starbuck’s coffee! To the whole team at the KRTV morning news: thank you for letting me take a peek “behind the curtain!”

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