Coal Plant: Explain Using Small Words

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There is plenty of heated discussion at the City Commission meeting tonight about the proposed Highwood coal plant. Some of the folks that got up to speak included Lawrence Rezentes (see GeeGuy’s post) and Great Falls’ very own Environmental Ranger Larry Kralj. I’ll admit that I’m not too smart about certain things, and public utilities ranks right up there at the top. All I know is that I get a monthly bill for electricity, gas, sewer, and trash, and I pay it. Beyond that, it’s all a mystery. Can anyone explain to me – using small words, and in a concise manner – exactly what is going on? And why it’s such a contentious issue?



  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! on

    Dave, these plants are HUGELY complicated. Some of the best info I’ve read is over at gee guys electric city web. He does a good job of putting it into some not so small words. Besides the pollution aspect, I think that most people are outraged that the city has tried to sneak this thing through without any actual debate. One man, and one man alone, has made the enormous decision for the city to invest in this highly suspect venture. And lawton has purposely attempted to stifle debate and sneak this thing through. Another problem is that there is NO accountability here. Bob gannon led Montana right smack into dereg. He now lives on his own island in Flathead Lake in a three million dollar house! NO ONE WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR DERERG! I fear that when this boondoggle plant goes tits up and we’re left holding the bag, no one will again be accountable. So, my suggestion would be that lawton be held accountable. If he thinks that this plant is foolproof, let him insure it WITH HIS OWN MONEY! I’d write that into his contract. I sure as hell don’t want ANOTHER bozo living on their own island! And I think that the public has been purposely decieved. Lots of people in GF think that this power will be sold to them. Wrongo! They will recieve none of it. And lastly, if we can vote on pool improvements, why heck can’t we vote on this polluting monster? So, to sum up, we take ALL the risk, we take ALL the crap from the stack, we lose LOTS of water, and we get NOTHING, nada, zippo, zilch! Is it really any wonder why people are so upset?

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