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Many of you know (or know of) Alex Perkic, an anchor/reporter for KFBB news here in Great Falls. Some of you may also have noticed the sign at Meadowlark Elementary School last week that read “Raffle For The Perkics” and wondered what was going on. Here’s the story: Alex has battled cancer four times in the last few years down in Los Angeles, where he lived before moving here to Great Falls. Unfortunately, the cancer has returned, and Alex and his family are currently back in Los Angeles so that he can receive further treatment from the team that helped him before. This trip will involve surgeries – yes, plural. Tomorrow night (Sunday) the folks at KFBB are going to give more details during the 10:00 pm news about Alex’s situation.
I’ve kept in touch with Alex via e-mail since he first contacted me in September for the “Great Falls bloggers” feature, and one thing that really impressed me about him is how much he loves our community; he chose to move to Great Falls because of the people, and he knew that it was a great place for his family. Last week I received an e-mail from him that read, in part:

Looks like my cancer is back…bummer. I need to go back to UCLA for surgery. The Meadowlark sign is because Amy’s co-workers are trying to raise money for us due to what we are about to go through again. We are overwhelmed by the support we are receiving. It’s a good thing you have a blog about your love for the city….because if there wasn’t one….I would have to start one. These people are incredible.

So it’s going to be a difficult holiday season for the Perkics. I’m not entirely sure he would be comfortable with me soliciting donations on his behalf, but I’m going to anyway. Unless he tells me otherwise, I’m going to ask anyone who wants to help to visit Meadowlark Elementary School; I’m sure the staff there has details on how folks can help or make donations. Alex is a good guy, and I’m sure that his appreciation for Great Falls will be reciprocated. Alex, you’ve got a lot of friends and fans here in Great Falls, and we look forward to having you back in action.


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