Best Friends Animal Hospital

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I’ve praised the Best Friends Animal Hospital several times on this site, and I just discovered that they have a website located at All the basics are there: hours of operations, services provided, and even some adoptable pets, like this cute little kitten named Squash!



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  2. I will never, ever take my dogs to that clinic again. Dr Norton is a good vet but dealing with the accounting side of the practice is a nightmare.

  3. Dr. Norton is very wonderful many of our animals have been very ill but he has found many ways to cure them and now the animals are very healthy happy and content!!!! THANK YOU DR NORTON

  4. The link for the website is wrong. It is NOT a Montana number shown on that website. The site it goes to is for a veterinary clinic in FLORIDA. I would list the correct address, but I can’t seem to find one that actually works. Maybe they still don’t have one!

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