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I’ve got to admit that the incredible success of MySpace has completely baffled me. I understand that it is very simple to use – the greatest selling point. It allows people to create “friends” and networks, which is semi-cool. But I always figured that the absolutely hideous designs and layout would prevent MySpace from becoming such a monster hit. Shows what I know, huh? So about a year ago I went ahead and created a MySpace page so that I could give it a test drive, and also to possibly keep up with non-blogging friends and co-workers who are “MySpacers.” I don’t have much of a presence – pretty much just a place-holder to direct folks to my real sites – but hey, at least I gave it a shot.
A quick search on MySpace of “Great Falls” + Montana yields hundreds of results. So – any of you folks have a MySpace page?



  1. Just keep up the good work.
    You are one of my favorite places on internet. I love your attitude and your comments, especially back in Nov. during all the politics.

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