Time Travel

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Yes, through the magic of my newly-installed Archives feature, you can now travel back in time to see what was going on here at GreaterFalls.com in days gone by! You can check out month-specific archives, such as all entries from November 2005 (for instance), or you can just stroll through them all and click on one that strikes your fancy. And the little numbers next to each entry (in parentheses) refers to the number of comments left on each entry. So if there’s nothing fresh here on the front page, or you’re just bored silly, take a stroll through the archives!



  1. What a fantastic site. I was introduced to Greaterfalls.com while watching the story on KFBB a few weeks ago. I’ve logged on from time to time & got informed, laughed, & simply enjoy the input from various outlooks in this community. I was interested in writing after finding the “Archives” that has been put up today. The thing that really caught my eye was the interest in the “Format Change” with “The [email protected]” last year. As I’ve said, I haven’t come to this site until the past 2 weeks, but had to take a peek at what people might have said about the change. As the former Program Director of KINX “The [email protected]”, I was a little bewildered when a person called our station “Death Metal”. It was far from it. It was, to say the least, quite a bit different than any of the other stations, not only in Great Falls, but Montana in general. We built that station to serve a group of people who were tired of the same ‘ol stuff. As a team of fantastic employees, who battled management regularly to program a station that we overwhelmingly felt would fill a void in North Central Montana. Not only were we NOT Death Metal, (which we DID have a one-hour weekly “Feature” specifically for Death Metal called “Headbangers’ Ball”), we were there for THE KIDS. Not only kids, but I can tell you there were alot of people in thier 30’s to upper 40’s that loved “The X”. I don’t want to rant, I still defend “The X”, even though it is no longer, because I am proud for building it along with some very talented people that I had the honor to work with who feel/felt the same way. Thank you to all of our listeners we had & best of luck to SAM….Jared Walker

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