Polar Plunge Update!

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Whoa – after KFBB leading the way all week, it looks like KRTV is making a last-ditch effort to win the “Polar Plunge” contest! KFBB has been above $800 for a few days now, and KRTV sitting right at $150 – but today KRTV’s number shot up to over $950, thanks to an “offline” donation of $802. So NOW IS THE TIME to make your final donation to push KFBB over the top and make the KRTV team take the plunge! I’m going over right now to donate another $50 — but I need YOU to kick in a few bucks to hit the goal of $1,000 and beat KRTV – we only need another $65 to reach the goal!

UPDATE @ 2:00 am, Saturday:
Added a few more dollars to put KFBB over the $1,000 mark, and to put KFBB up by $1 over KRTV! Somebody else needs to help out, because I suspect that KRTV might pull a last-minute donation to avoid the Plunge!



  1. Hey Dave! I see you’ve put KFBB ahead by one dollar. I’m truly happy you’re donating to a great cause, but there’s still time my friend. Heh heh. Have a nice night…and stay warm. 🙂

  2. Ya Dave. Are you jumping? I think you should, considering you’ve taken such an intense interest in this cause! Don’t do it for us…do it for the special olympic athletes! Jump…jump…jump…

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