Cheerleader Dave

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Back on Halloween, I really got into the “spirit” – yep, I was a cheerleader! Some people missed the original post (over at my BLTB site), so I’m reposting it here…

Yes, yes, I may very well regret posting this someday in the future when I’m running for public office, but right now I’m just so full of Halloween cheer that I can’t resist! It’s true – that is indeed me wearing a cheerleader outfit that was made by a friend (hi Nancy!). The letters on the front are MDG, which is the “short” name of my workplace. I ran around the halls of the building, providing impromptu cheers to various offices (Gimme a “D!” Gimme a “A!” and so on), raising plenty of eyebrows, and generating lots of laughter. My legs – which haven’t seen the sun since the early days of the Reagan administration – nearly blinded a few people, and some folks asked if I was wearing white stockings. Several of my friends and co-workers dressed for the occasion, too – wizards, witches, goth-vampires, clowns, cows, and such. What a great day!



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