Reaching The Peak

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I joined “The Peak” health & wellness center a few days ago, and am absolutely loving it. I really enjoy the layout – plenty of room and space, way-high ceiling. Also good: no waiting for a particular machine, very friendly staff, and my favorite feature of all: the huge window on the south side of the building that gives a great view of the outdoors! The view looked great before the snow, and it looks great WITH the snow, too! Overall, it’s just an enjoyable place, which makes working out much more “look-forward-to”-able.

I have noticed one problem, though: the website. Maybe it’s just some quirk of my computer, but using Firefox, I’m not able to view nearly any of the content – just the navigation along the left side of the page and the header up on top. It shows up fine in MSIE, so maybe it’s just Firefox. Give it a look and let me know what you see – full content, or big empty space in the middle.

Here’s how it shows up if I view it in IE:


And this is what it looks like in Firefox:


One other detail that caught my eye – take a look at the date in this screenshot:


Of course, none of the stuff about the website affects my enjoyment of the facility – but it’s just kind of sad that The Peak went to the trouble of creating a website, but doesn’t seem to care enough to make it WORK for them. Wonder if they’d let me take a shot at running their site…?



  1. Dave,

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing less of you! Do your attempts at breaking into TV and your upcoming AF retirement have something to do with joining the club?

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