Blanket Of Snow

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Last year we received about 18 inches of snow in the days after Thanksgiving, and it looks like 2006 is taking a page from that playbook!

Snowy Morn! | Blanket of Snow! | Flocked Trees! | Marketplace Snow

ZenPanda also has some pix of the snow. Most of my co-workers probably woke up this morning and thought, “I bet Dave is pretty happy!” I’ve kinda sorta got a reputation for doing happy dances up & down the halls at work whenever it snows, you see. But I understand that there are, surprisingly, quite a few people who DON’T like the snow and cold. If you fall into that category, then perhaps you’ll get some good ideas about how to cope with winter over at this Ask Metafilter thread that starts off with a plea for help:

I hate winter. How can I make the next four months better than they would be otherwise? The winter has always been cold and dreary, filled with bad things and stress and having to walk everywhere while freezing. I already bought earmuffs. Other than that, how can I make this winter more enjoyable? [preferably very inexpensively.]

If any of you long-time Great Falls residents can add to this list of tips to handle winter, cold, and snow, let everyone know by leaving a comment here!


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