KFBB Feature – Part 2

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KFBB aired the 2nd part of Alex Perkic’s feature on Great Falls bloggers, this time focusing on how the “conversation” in the local blog community has made a difference in local politics, and how blogs serve as virtual “editorial pages” for anyone with computer access. I think Alex did a great job presenting the Great Falls blogosphere, and it was good to see some of my fellow bloggers “live” instead of only as text on a screen! And even some bloggers who didn’t appear on camera got a “screen shot” in the feature! If you’re new to GreaterFalls.com and are looking for other Great Falls blogs, take a look over in the left-side column of this page – there’s more than a dozen listed under “GF Blogs.” Speaking of screen shots, here are a few static shots that I snapped of the feature. If anyone out there has a digital version (.mov, .mp4, etc) of Alex’s reports – please let me know so that I can post it/them here. Thanks Alex (and Julie!)!




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