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Anyone who is visiting this site after seeing the KFBB piece – welcome! What you saw from Alex on the news tonight is true – I do indeed love Great Falls, which is one of the primary reasons that I started this “web log” (aka blog). Some more information about why I started this site can be found right here. I appreciate Alex taking the time to do a feature about bloggers (part two airs tomorrow), and it was very cool to see Mayor Dona saying nice things about my site! As Mayors go, we’re pretty lucky – she’s a frequent reader and commenter at many Great Falls blogs.

Take a look around – you’ll see links to other Great Falls bloggers over in the left-side column, pictures that I’ve taken around Great Falls in the right-side column, and links to all of the Great Falls TV and radio stations, city government and civic sites, and a list of the most popular topics.
If you’d like to leave a comment on any entry, just click on the “Join The Discussion – Leave Your Comment” link at the bottom of each entry (or you might see “# Comment” for entries that have already been commented on). And if you would like to try your hand at creating your own blog, just let me know – I’d love to help!

Enjoy your visit – and thanks for stopping by!

ADDED: also thanks to Bobeth and the sports guy (missed his name – sorry!) for doing some light banter about the site!



  1. Dang! I missed it, too:( But I know it was wonderful – that’s a great team at KFBB, and you can’t beat the subject of the story…

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