Big, Little

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I attended a lunchtime event called “Little Moments” at the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Great Falls new office location today. The goal is to raise awareness of BB-BS activities, programs, and success. Also on hand was Alex Perkic, the KFBB gent who interviewed me last week (and trusty photographer Matt Austin). Alex mentioned that the feature on Great Falls blogs will likely air on Sunday, by the way. Here’s the scary part: when I turned on the KFBB 5:30 news this evening, I caught a glimpse of myself onscreen, and you know the old adage that “…the camera adds ten pounds?” Well, it looks like I might have about six or seven cameras on me…



  1. Hi There…
    Just wanted to thank you for taking time to speak with Alex and Chris about Blogging. It should be a good story, especially for those (like me) who are just learning about it.
    Take care and have a good Thanksgiving…

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