When The Wind Blows

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WOW! One of the windiest days of the last several years, I believe. Our newly-restored statue didn’t get blown down, but the Flying-J sign up on Gore Hill did (update: ZenPanda has pix!). And speaking of windy…how many of you know that Great Falls is one of the windiest cities in America? It’s true: various sources place us at #4, #2, #7, and even #1!
And despite common belief, Chicago’s designation as “The Windy City” does not mean “wind” in the atmospheric sense – that appelation was likely applied in honor of Chicago’s politicians and civic braggarts, although some do indeed credit the wind and lake breezes. But the fact remains: Great Falls is truly windier than just about every other place in America (including Chicago) – and I love it!



  1. Perhaps one of the reasons Great Falls has one of the shortest commutes is that so many people commute from west to east and are helped along by the wind. And if we want to be energy-independent, maybe we should all start buying sailcars.

    But seriously, folks. I visited Seattle’s Soundgarden some years ago and have always thought it would be interesting for Great Falls to have a Windgarden of kinetic sculptures…

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