Drive Time

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One of my favorite things about living in Great Falls is the drive to and from work. It takes me an average of 23 minutes to drive from the Fox Farm neighborhood to Malmstrom each morning, a distance of approximately 9 miles, which may not sound particularly good or bad until you consider that most of that drive is along the Missouri River, with the stunning beige, white, or green scenery (depending on the weather), seeing lots of beautiful trees along Riverside Park, plenty of geese (and some squirrels, an occasional beaver or deer, etc), and a pretty leisurely pace of about 35 miles per hour.
Across From The River | Goose Crossing! | Watching geese along the Missouri
And in fact, my commute time exceeds the average for Cascade County, which recently was judged to have the shortest commute time of any county in America:

The nature of Montana commuting got mention in the Wall Street Journal last week. Tapping Census data, the newspaper concluded that Cascade County residents enjoy the shortest average commute time of any county in the country…The Census numbers show (Cascade) county residents with an average commute of 14 minutes. The Montana average? A whopping 17 minutes.

I figure that my commute is just about as long as you can get within city limits, from the far SW corner to the extreme east side of town. How about you – what’s your commute like?



  1. Before the hubby & I were married he lived on 5th Ave SW and his commute took about 25 minutes. His current one from the middle of town is about 15.
    When I sub mine can be as short as 3 minutes to the nearest school.

  2. I do miss the Great Falls commute. I lived so close I used to ride my bike home…for lunch! In Tampa, I am one of the lucky ones…about 10 miles from work and a 25 minute ride.

  3. When I lived in GF, I remember leaving my house at 7:50 to get to GFHS by 7:55. The 5 minute drive west on 5th Ave S was the fastest way. I now live in a suburb of Seattle and I’m thankful everyday for my 5 mile, 10-15 minute drive to work. Not bad for one of the worst traffic areas.

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