What Is GreaterFalls.com?

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I’ve meant to explain for some time exactly what this site is, and who I am. I don’t want anyone to think that I am hiding anything, or blogging anonymously for any reason (not there’s anything wrong with anon-bloggers). I figured that people who really wanted to know probably knew how to figure it out anyway. And this blog is about Great Falls, not me, you see. But now is probably a good time to explain a few things.

First, my name is David Sherman. I’ve lived in Great Falls since July 2002, when the Air Force transferred me to Malmstrom Air Force Base from San Antonio. I’ve been in the Air Force for 19 years as a healthcare administrator.


IMPORTANT: Please note that absolutely nothing that I write on this site is intended to represent the views of Malmstrom AFB, the US Air Force, or any other government agency…in other words, all of the opinions expressed on GreaterFalls.com are explicitly mine (except those left by people who comment on entries).

Back to the story…

I am 40 years old, married, and have two children. I’ve been blogging since October 2000 over at Better Living Thru Blogging, which is my personal site about all kinds of stuff. I created GreaterFalls.com about 18 months ago in order to integrate two things that I love: blogging and Great Falls. It’s true: I do love this community. You see, I was raised as an Air Force brat, and then joined up myself, so I never had the same address for more than three years in my entire life.
Here’s my list: Phoenix, Arizona; Eglin AFB, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Bentwaters, England; Edwards AFB, California; Spokane, Washington; Choctaw/Midwest City, Oklahoma; San Antonio, Texas (Brooks AFB, Universal City, San Antonio); Mountain View, California; Enid, Oklahoma. And now: Great Falls, Montana.

As noted above, I never had the same address for more than three years in my entire life – until now. I’ve lived at my current address here in Great Falls for just over four years, and plan to continue living here for much longer – never in my life have I met such friendly, honest people, or lived in such a beautiful community, or enjoyed such wonderful scenery and weather (all four seasons!). Literally within days of arriving here back in 2002, I experienced something that I had never felt before: a sense of home. This is the only place that I’ve ever lived or visited that felt like “home” to me. Quite a powerful feeling. It was – and is – amazing.

So I guess you could sort of interpret GreaterFalls.com as kind of a personal journal of all the things that I love about Great Falls. Even things that aren’t necessarily “lovely” find their way into GreaterFalls.com, because even things that we love sometimes have flaws, right?

Anyway. I suppose the best way to sum up GreaterFalls.com is that it is my personal “fan club” for the community of Great Falls.

Eh, now I’m sounding kind of sappy, but it’s true. So: any questions?



  1. I know absolutely what that “sense of home” feeling is all about. As a native Montanan, I traveled a lot in my younger years, moving to Great Falls in the early ’70’s. Since then, this is where “home” feels right to me. I love GF – the people, the river, our wonderful neighborhoods and friends.
    Dave, you were always a Great Falls person – it just took you awhile to find us:)

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