Dem Party at Heritage Inn

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Driving home from work this evening past the Heritage Inn hotel I noticed that the sign read “Welcome MT Democrats” – turns out that the election night party for Jon Tester is being held there. So I dropped in around 7:00 pm, and immediately ran into Geannine Rapp, who is a Great Falls resident running for the state House. Then into the ballroom, where the lady at the Press table told me that bloggers had their own table in the corner, and lo and behold, I met Jay Stevens of 4 & 20 Blackbirds and “McJoan” of DailyKos. Also met some nice guys from KFBB who were prepared for a long night. And then I wandered over to the official “Press Room,” occupied by perhaps a half-dozen press folks, one of whom was interviewing Governor Schweitzer for KUFM radio. The Governor was upbeat about Tester’s chances, I then had the honor of meeting him directly – he was quite gracious and nice.

Main Ballroom | All Smiles! | Blog Media | The Big Guy

So, that was the highlight of my evening – meeting some fellow bloggers, making nice with some media folks, and shaking hands with the Governor. Pretty cool. How about you? Any election night stories to tell, or pictures to share?


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