Assault Update

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Turns out that the person who stabbed three Malmstrom Airmen was, sadly, a fellow Airman.

Authorities arrested Stephen A. Lloyd, 24, on Monday morning in connection with three weekend stabbings at a Great Falls bar, said Great Falls Police Department Sgt. Glen Stinar. The suspect and victims are from Malmstrom Air Force Base. (Tribune)

Damn. I don’t know which sounds worse: Airmen fighter with locals, or Airmen fighting with each other. Talk about a “lose-lose” situation.


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  1. It’s very sad. I was sitting in the clinic yesterday and happened to be just across the carpet from the 3 victims. The hubby & I were angry that someone would attack these kids.
    Today we are even more upset. The suspect is one of the hubby’s fellow technicians in missile maintenance. This just adds more to the years of maintenance vs. cops rivalry.
    It is very sad.

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