Trouble At The Brick

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Three Airmen from Malmstrom were stabbed over the weekend after a bar fight moved outside of the The Brick. Police have leads to catch the two people who stabbed them, but I’m sure that they would welcome any more witnesses or information – if you know anything about the incident, please call 771-1180.
This story has actually generated a few responses at the GF Tribune forums, including this bone-headed comment from someone who posts under the handle of gtdrecords: “Well if them outtatowners quit actin like people from great falls are bitches they wouldnt be in that situation.” Implying, of course, that the Airmen were somehow “asking” for trouble. Well, unfortunately I know that some Malmstrom folks often complain that Great Falls is a lame, back-water, hick town, but that definitely is a minority view. And believe me – no matter where you go, young people will *always* complain that there is nothing to do in any given city. BUT – if someone is talking trash about your community or your fellow citizens, I don’t think that STABBING them is going to change their mind.
bricklogo.gifAnd as for The Brick – sadly, this isn’t the first time that there has been trouble there, and as another commenter at the Trib forum pointed out, at one time Malmstrom Airmen were prohibited from entering The Brick; this incident surely won’t help matters.


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  1. I wonder what part of the gutter “gtdrecords” comes from…he certainly is showing everyone how ignorant he is. I was real impressed!

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