Box Elder Bugs

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boxelder.jpg Until I moved to Montana, I don’t recall ever seeing (or hearing of) Box Elder bugs. I quickly learned, however, that they are harmless, rather cute (for bugs) with their black-and-red design, and plentiful at this time of year as they look for some warm spots to hang out. I’m pretty freaked out by insects in general, but these little fellas don’t bother me too much; if one is crawling on me, I’ll usually just flick it off. I enjoy their initial appearance each year because it means that summer is over and autumn has arrived! But is it my imagination, or is there a WHOLE LOT more of them this year than usual?



  1. They are everywhere. Lived here forever and this year is extremely bad. And nothing appears to get rid of them. Any suggestion on a product to use, plz let me know. Even a good freeze has not slowed them down.

  2. Man, they are heavy this year. I just found online that what works best to kill them is plain old dish soap and water. Get a spray bottle and put a tablespoon of dish soap in there. I haven’t tried it but I will tomorrow.

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