I’ve Got A Great Face For Radio

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Well that sure was fun! Spent about 15 minutes on the air with Hershey & Bejay at 94.5 KMON this morning – what a great team they are! If you’re visiting GreaterFalls.com after hearing about it on their show, welcome! Take a look around – there’s links to other Great Falls bloggers to your left, and links to Great Falls civic & media sites to your right, along with links to pictures from around Great Falls. Leave a comment on any entry to let everyone know that you were here, and don’t forget to enter the Burns/Tester contest below!
And here’s a picture of Hershey & Bejay smiling at me, and a picture of Steve Keller from “The River” – met him down the hall from KMON. Steve *loves* what he does, and he also enjoys his renewed passion for performing in a band, which he does at The Loading Zone and other spots around town. Go check ’em out!

Scott Hershey & Bejay! | Hi Steve!

Oh…and I also learned that the KMON website is in need of a little updating…they still have pictures of Bubba and none of Bejay! Hhmmm, I wonder who might be able to help KMON with their website…?



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