Burns-Tester Contest

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Well, since the Powers That Be decided to turn the Burns-Tester debate into a free-for-all and let everyone in, rather than portioning out tickets, the contest to win free tickets to the debate from KQDI is moot. But in the spirit of keeping political humor alive & well, let’s keep the contest going – only instead of tickets to a debate, the prize will be any item from the GreaterFalls.com shop (tee-shirts, coffee mugs, and such)! If you have a funny photoshopped image of either Conrad Burns or Jon Tester (or both!), e-mail it to me at david AT greaterfalls.com. I’ll post all of the pictures and let all of you be the judges. The deadline will be midnight on October 31st. So: what say you, Great Falls folks? Fire up your image-editing software and go for it!
UPDATE: to get you started, here’s a link to plenty of images of Burns and Tester.



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