What’s In A Name?

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I understand the historical importance of smelting to Great Falls. I know that the smelter was critical to the growth and success of our fair community. But I just can’t say “Smelter Avenue” without wrinkling my nose. It’s just not a pleasant sounding word. It’s not euphonius. So what do you think of my crazy idea to try to change the name of Smelter Avenue? Ideally to something more…NICE. Something that evokes good things, things people enjoy, and that sounds pleasant. How about “Butterfly Drive?” Or maybe “Rainbow Road?” Perhaps we could go for the whimsical: “Pork Chop Parkway” or “Canada Goose Street?” We could even go for something more traditional, such as “Broadway,” or something to honor a favorite son, like “CMR Street.” So what do you think? Does the word “smelter” conjure up pleasant images? Should “Smelter Avenue” be renamed? Do you have any suggestions?



  1. Actually, for me, ‘Smelter’ evokes memories of prosperity and hard-working folks. We were proud of the Big Stack, proud of the products produced on the hill, admired the tough guys who worked in the smelter and wire mill.

    One of the biggest blows to this community, as well as devastating to Black Eagle, was the shuttering of the smelter. But, if you have a need to change the avenue’s name, how about Anaconda Drive, or Black Eagle Way to describe where the road goes, and to honor the folks who contributed so much to our communities?

  2. i think it should be left alone. going around changing things like names of roads because it bring back the thought of a smell. come on. its just like peta wanting to change a name of a town here in montana. good or bad it’s history, and should be kept.

  3. Smelter is historic. I doubt you can get many GF natives to want it changed.

    Why not change some of the base street names?

  4. I don’t live in Great Falls anymore, but I grew up there and went to Great Falls High. One of the saddest days I remember growing up there was the day they blew up the stack. You could see that thing for miles outside of town and it was how you knew you were almost home. The street name is all that’s left to show the smelter ever existed. Besides, it seems every time I get back to GF to visit, another one of my old landmarks is gone so at least leave the street names the same so I can find my way around!

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