House District 22

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There are three candidates for the House of Representatives seat for District 22: Democratic incumbent Bill Wilson, Republican candidate Mary Jolley (more), and Constitution Party candidate Roger Nelson; you can see how they responded to a few questions from the Tribune. Of note: Roger Nelson is only 19 years old. His chances are likely slimmer than Olive Oyl, but I appreciate his spirit for giving it a shot. And hey – he surely won’t win if he doesn’t try.



  1. Seems a few years back I remember the tribune doing a human interest piece on Wilson. The piece was talking him up for being a big animal lover. The article described how Wilson couldn’t stand being separated from his dog so he would bring the dog to Helena for the week while the legislature was in session. The dog spent the day in the car and Wilson was lauded for going out at lunch time and running the car to warm it up for the dog. The story said Wilson’s wife stayed in GF so I assume the dog would have been fine if left at home. I’m sure the dog was less than thrilled about being confined to the car all day and hopefully had a bowl of water. I’m no big animal rights activist but this seemed like a very self centered act and bordered on cruelty to the dog. I’ve always kind of wondered about Wilson since then.

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