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How many of you have seen the recent commercials for Pro-Lube, the “Take Ten” stores? How many of you, upon hearing a ring of any kind, immediately hear that child-like voice calling out “Take Ten!”? Annoying? Possibly, but certainly not as much as the Head-On commercials. Cute? Hmmm…not likely, but an outside chance. Effective? Uh, probably.



  1. I quickly changed the channel whenever the Budweiser “wassup” commercial was on the screen.

    BTW, most people do not know that Anheuser-Busch is the largest commercial buyer of rice, larger than Uncle Ben’s, because rice is the key ingredient in their beers. Just check the list of ingredients, which, apparently most beer drinkers fail to do because there it is — rice — hidden in plain sight!

  2. Re: Pro-Lube
    No, the urge has never struck me…but then, when I see the bouncy goof, it means only one thing to me: time to unmute the TV, cuz the show is coming back.

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