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Aaron alerts us to a possible outbreak of strep throat in the schools; not too surprising, if true, because the first few weeks after the schools are back in session *always* sees a huge increase in the amount of “crud” going around, at least in my experience. All those kids packed together in enclosed spaces for the first time in two or three months, eating together in cafeterias, sharing food and drinks, etc. Sally has a few more pix of urban re-design, this time at the mall. GeeGuy compares Great Falls to Billings (and Mizzou) and wonders why our locals are always so “down” on Great Falls and complaining about 10th Avenue South and the number of casinos. And the Raving Norseman gives us a review of one of the “new and improved” episodes of Star Trek (the original series).

Good stuff in the Great Falls blogosphere. Thanks, gang, for helping to make this place even better.


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