More Tragedy

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goffex.jpgJust as the folks at Malmstrom Air Force Base – and particulary the clinic – were beginning to come to terms with the death of Chief Master Sergeant Schaub, we were dealt another blow just 12 days later. Our senior flight surgeon, Lieutenant Colonel Steven Goff, passed away on Monday, September 4. Dr Goff was an incredible man; he served in the U.S. Marines, then went on to medical school, and became a flight surgeon. He was assigned to Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia when terrorists blew up the barracks; Dr Goff was badly wounded, but that didn’t stop him from ignoring his own pain and saving the lives of his fellow Airmen. He was awarded the Airman’s Medal and the Purple Heart for his actions that day. And here in Montana – during two tours of duty at Malmstrom – not only did he provide routine medical care for the entire Malmstrom community (missileers, pilots, support staff, etc), but he also flew dangerous search-and-rescue missions across the wilderness of Montana, saving stranded hikers, snowmobilers, skiiers, and such. His sense of humor and sly wit were legendary; most of his patients still chuckle when they recall the books that he kept on his desk: “Everyone Poops” and “Everyone Farts.” Dr Goff truly made a difference in this world — doctor, Marine, airman, friend, mentor, and so much more.


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  1. My sympathy, Mr David. This has been a couple of weird, roiling months for lots of folks in GF, so know you’re not alone in your grief. I send prayers and love to you & your comrades, as well as the family & friends of Chief Shaub & Doc Goff.

    Thanks for your memorials, for glimpses of real people who understand service and commitment. What a great way to honor dedicated airmen–the creators who do so much to benefit us all.

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