The Man

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I ran into Mr John Lawton at the grocery store this evening – very nice gentleman, quite soft-spoken. I’d never met him until this evening, so he probably thinks that I’m a bit strange for approaching him and telling him, quite simply, “thank you.” Turns out we were parked next to each other in the parking lot, so as I was getting ready to drive out and noticed him approaching his motorcycle (!), I explained to him that the “thank you” was for his service as our City Manager.



  1. Yeah, it’s probably true…my default reaction when meeting someone for the first time is to be deferential and courteous.

    Sometimes I might be a little *too* deferential to authority…must be the military side of me!

  2. Hey Capt! I just wanted to leave you a comment so that you know I do visit your great website. I know that these last few weeks have been tough on all of us. But remember things will get better. I know that doesn’t make you feel better now but in time you will. Know that you are loved and admired……I thought you should know that. Jst keep repeating to yourself….FLUFFY PIGEON I promise it will make you smile!!!!

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