Fare Thee Well

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Sinclair on Fox Farm Road One of the first places that I visited when I arrived in Great Falls four years ago was the Sinclair station on Fox Farm Road, which also contained the Country Club Express coffee bar (and Foxy’s casino). I was struck by how friendly the folks were that worked there, and that friendliness hasn’t changed since. So it was a bit sad to read that Jeff & Tonya, the owners, are getting out of the business and leasing the operation to Cenex Kum & Go (worst. name. EVER.). Even the cute green dinosaur outside is gone, donated to the local children’s museum. Thanks, Jeff and Tonya, for creating such a friendly place…and I hope that the new team keeps that tradition alive.


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  1. I remember that place because my older sister ran out of gas and we were able to coast into there for some fuel.
    Is Ford’s drive In still around? I would ride my bike there for $.35 ice cream cones.

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