Rio Ranch Grill

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Rio Rancho Restaurant

I had the pleasure on Monday morning of eating breakfast at one of the newest restaurants in Great Falls: the Rio Ranch Grill. It’s located on Central Avenue, just across from the statue of Charlie Russell at 3rd Street, occupying the space formerly known as Portofino’s restaurant. My first impression, when I walked in, was WOW! If any of you remember The Lost Woodsman restaurant and enjoyed the very cool wood tables, chairs, and decor, you’ll probably like the decor and atmosphere in Rio Rancho. The breakfast menu was pretty large, and I opted for some basics: french toast, eggs, bacon, and sausage. The verdict: delicious! I checked out the dinner menu, too, and can’t wait to go back. I think that this would be a great place for our next together.



  1. Enough wit the bacon and sausage, what Great Falls desparately needs is a place that offers bagels, nova and cream cheese, as well as smoked white fish, baked salmon, onion rolls, bialys, sturgeon, greek salad, herring in cream sauce, a glass of shav … well, you get the idea.

  2. i have to say different. i went there a few weeks ago and it was not so great. i will never eat there again. i am one to try something new, if it wasnt great i try it again just to make sure and give a sec chance. the 2nd time was just as bad. i have a gift cerft. for 25.00 dave if you want it.

  3. it was both. i can understand about service when they’re busy. that’s ok but when it takes 45min for nachos and then another 25 for the salads yeah and when there is fruit flies in your plate dressing, kind of make you a liitle sick.

  4. The first time I went there, I ordered the softshell tacos: three giant flour tortillas with plain ground beef, onions and a couple pieces o’ lettuce. And, I sh*t you not, no cheese. I asked the gal, “aren’t these supposed to have cheese?” “Nope.”

    I can do much better in my own kitchen with 15 minutes.

    The second time, I had the Tri-Tip sandwich. Better, although the bun seriously outweighed the meet. I asked for grilled onions, the gal said no problem, but there weren’t any on it.

    All of our pop was flat. Seriously, ZERO carbonation. We told the gal, she said she’d check on it. Never heard another word about it, no more pops.

    The little shrimp appetizers were excellent.

    All in all, C-/D+. I probably won’t eat there again. I don’t eat out that much, so when I do I want to be sure it’s something good.

    And, I know I posted a negative review of Fiesta en Jalisco over on my site, but I am not one of these guys that can’t be satisfied. I’m usually satisfied with decent food if there is good service and no negative surprises.

  5. I ordered nachos at Rio Ranch a while ago. They had a cream of celery soup type substance on them. Maybe their version of cheese? It was fairly ungood and untasty. I will go back and try something else and try to post a positive type review. Hopefully they are wathcing this thread.

  6. Lyle, you hit on something important – it would indeed be good for the Rio Ranch owners and managers and staff to be reading this, and perhaps even commenting and inviting people back.

  7. I have been to the Rio Ranch a few times now since it has opened. At first it was alittle hectic it seemed, however I have noticed great improvement since. Not only have they tweeked a few thinks on there menu (the tacos are no longer ground beef) but I feel the service has improved as well. It seems as though the servers have alot more knowledge in the menu, which I feel is important. All I see is bad reviews on this place and it makes me feel bad. I think that opening a knew place(that is not a chain) has to be hard, and to know that there grand opening was a charity shows that they want to contribute to our community. All I can say is lets give them a chance. And if you don’t like a certian thing why not let the managers know by asking for them or filling out a comment card to let them know what we think, so they can work with it. Tell them things you like as well as things they can improve on. Just a thought. Lets not push out something out that is willing to give to our community from the jump and give them a chance.

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