Cool People

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Some neat people that I’ve met recently: first is Dennis Sams, the nice guy who helped me purchase my “dream vehicle” a few months ago at Pierce Autogroup. Good to see that he was named “Employee Of The Month!” Second is “Bejay” the disc jockey, who I met while she was broadcasting for K-99 live at Fuddrucker’s yesterday. Very nice young lady, and she explained some of the recent changes in the local radio market (Fisher and Cherry Creek, etc) and we chatted about the various genres (rock, country, SAM). And then there’s Janine and Charlie, two of the great ladies at Tony Roma’s who always have a smile!

Kudos! Bejay The Deejay! Smile!



  1. David, you might want to stop by and say “hello” and meet Bill Graves, the great-grandson of “Whiskey” Bill Graves (the last perosn hung by the vigilanted prior to Montana becoming a Territory) and Jon Tester’s (and my) barber. He’s a real interesting person to know: he can tklel you a lot about Legion Baseball and some local area prize fighters. He practices his craft at the Riverview Barber Shop, 11 Division Road (in the 2-Js shopping center,and if you have not yet checked out 2-Js, this would be a good time do that that as well). Regular haircuts are $8.00. If you do decide to go there, call ahead (406/452-6422) to makes sure Bill will be there (he works out at the Peak several mornings a week)

  2. I am having a Birthday party tomarrow night! Everyone is invited. 8pm at the Black Eagle Community Center. Live music from Dose, At Home In Hell, Zero Tolerance, and Driven Under. All ages welcome, $5.
    It’s gonna be fun. Bejay

    ps-I have no idea if I put this post in the right place,

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