Hair Color: Resolution

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Latest Hair Color You probably remember that my daughter’s hair color caused a bit of a stir back in April. Good news: as promised, Dick Kuntz did indeed work to get the policy reversed, and lo and behold, it did! The policy was that no one could sport hair that was “un-natural” in color…but it looks like the policy now will be focused on hair that is “distracting” – which is appropriate, as anything that “distracts” from the learning “process” can and probably should be addressed by the teachers and administration. As noted in the Tribune article (and echoed in comments here), I think that there are bigger fish to fry than the color of a child’s hair. Thanks to Ann Lander, Dick Kuntz, Keila, and other folks who supported my daughter in her mission!



  1. I thought the change seemed reasonable, especially considering your daughter just had highlights…but the Trib gives us a photo of a girl with shocking pink hair. Um, wouldn’t that be distracting?

  2. I love this pink hair….I would not call this distracting. I would rather call it “attention grabbing” for sure as hell i caught mine. I loved it the moment i saw it. Everything is distracting to kids this age. Down from a new purse their friend just got, to the brand new nike’s or pumas the boy sitting next to you just bought. So It really should matter if someone goes and colors their hair pink. Control is kept within the class room with discipline. That is all it takes.

  3. I have a unique mixture of unnatural hair color. (green fading into blue and purple then a pink….) I think those who die their hair are expressing who they are. Why should someone stop another from expressing their uniqueness. It seems contradictory to have someone say be yourself but conform to society’s rules of having the same appearance as everyone else.
    That’s all

  4. My hair was dyed pink for a while years back, when i was in 6th grade. My mom got a bunch of crap for dying her 12 year old’s hair pink. We’ve done it twice more though, and being almost 16, yes, the kids my age do get distracted easily.

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  6. I guess if you cant stand out with brains or beauty you must resort to other measures. I will never understand ppl like this!

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