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Received an e-mail from a friend today which apparently has been sent to all of the folks at Heritage Bank. I have no idea if it is true or simply a well-meaning “urban legend,” so if you can provide some insight (confirm, debunk) I’d appreciate it. Here is the text:

FW: Possible child abductor in GF west side — man is described with dark (or salt/pepper) hair and a grayish beard. A brown truck and also a white van have also been spotted. A staff member just called, a family of hers reported possible attempted child abduction in the Riverview/Smelter area. Last night at about 9:00 pm a man approached the 10 year old male child and asked him to help him find his glasses. The child said he had to go ask his mom and went inside. When she came out to look for the man, he was gone. She called the police, and they said that was about the fifth call they had with similar circumstances.

It has many of the of the hallmarks of an urban legend, so it’s just plausible enough to scare folks. Nothing showing up on the local news sites, though. Your thoughts?


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