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A bit of a scare: a cable snapped on one of the rides at the Montana State Fair. No serious injuries, apparently, as the safety cables prevented a disaster…but certainly nerve-wracking, I’d wager. Just another reason for me to stick to the animals, the food, and the vendors, and skip the rides!
UPDATE: here’s more details on what happened – sounds a bit more serious than I initially thought.



  1. I’ve always kind of wanted to ride that thing, but now I think I’d encounter even more opposition from The Missus. Oh, well. I do suspect more people keel over from the deep fried fat at the fair than errant bungie slingshots, but like plane crashes, the snap of a cable and the scream of the crowd command one’s attention.

    Random observations: (1) the reporter relies on the ride operator as an expert on whether there have been other serious accidents; that’s kind of silly in the Age of Google. (2) Heh. The guy works for the lottery. What were the odds on this?

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