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Caught a few minutes of the KFBB and KRTV news at 5:30 this evening, and was impressed by how casual and relaxed the anchors and reporters seemed to be as they broadcast live from the State Fair. They seemed downright comfortable, with very little of the studio-induced fake banter. Much more engaging. So here’s an open question to Julie Klesh and her fellow newsies: how about doing news broadcasts like that from other spots around the city on a regular basis? I suspect that the community would respond quite well. Anyone else have thoughts about it…?

UPDATE: here is the KFBB news booth that is being discussed in the comments.
KFBB Booth



  1. I agree, it comes off much more natural – I’ve managed to get the news all week this week and it’s a great looking concept. However, they should really do something about that Johnson Madison stage behind them. It wouldn’t be noticable if it didn’t have WOOD DONATED BY JOHNSON MADISON in huge letters proclaiming their donation of $18 worth of wood. Very distracting. Even hanging the KRTV banner above it, or removing it altogether (to show the fair environment) would be a great improvement.

  2. I’m sure the stage sign should say “Thanks Bob” instead. But Then again “Bob” didn’t donate anything other than his critisism of those who did. Nothing personal Bob, but who would pay for the stage if JM didn’t was your check returned with a “No Thank You” note?

  3. Its all good Bob but the only thing is that Its not Krtv’s Booth its Kfbb’s News Channel 5 Booth which is in Big letters on the Base of the booth

  4. Your right Blogger1, it is KFBB. Wolfpack, baby, don’t get so defensive! There’s nothing wrong with a little creative criticism. Just suggesting improvements that would make the broadcast come across better.

  5. Well, wolfpack may have been a little aggressive in response, but the point is sound: the news broadcast would also come across better, from my point of view, if there were no commercials -but someone has to pay for the show. Businesses sponsor things like this to get exposure.

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