Sad News

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Damn. I’m sure most of you have heard that a man died when the cement truck that he was driving overturned, near the Sluice Boxes State Park. He was the husband of one of my co-workers, a very sweet & upbeat lady. I’m trying to find out if a local bank has set up a fund yet to help her and the children…will update you when I find out. UPDATE: The Tribune has the obituary now – his name was Timothy Ray Mills. I didn’t want to publish his name until it had been publicly announced. No further news yet about a fund for Dolly and the children…will keep you posted. This is heartbreaking…



  1. He was the brother of my husbands business partner, I knew him and his wife…please post what you find out

  2. Thank you for the update. I search the web for Montana News here in California as often as I can. Tim’s wife, Dolly is a sweet person, who is always smiling,…My heart goes out to her. The entire Mills family is suffering right now and we here in California wish we could be with them in Montana right now! It warms our hearts to hear that Tim’s wife and kids are so important to you and others…Please keep posting what you can and or feel comfortable with..Thanks

  3. Becky…It didn’t take me long to figure out who you are! I haven’t talked to Robbie’s mom since Friday. Nicole has our numbers…Please feel free to get them from her and give me a call…Ed and I wish we could be with them..Your mother-in-law is a special lady. Lyza

  4. To the Mills Family:Tim is smileing down at all of us at this time (Tim has always been a mentor of mine.From the age of twelve I have been very fortunate to have been blessed,with meeting such a very strong and loving family such as yours!!I hope you all keep your head”s up during this very tragic time and always remember to grow off Tim”s great strength and knowlege he shared with everyone!!And alway’s remember I am only a phone call away If any of you ever need anything!! My deepest regards Sincerly, Terry Toy 509-487-7320

  5. Just found out about Tim’s death. We were friends and coworkers in CA.Last time I saw him we were drinking Tequila in a bar in Temecula. I moved to Az. and lost touch. Tim had a very unusual life and he related much of it to me. I heard stories about most of his family and most of all, Darnell. Even with all the scraps they had while growing up, I think Darnell was the person he most looked up to. The last words Tim said to me were “I love you”, which might sound odd coming from a rough ex-jock/truck driver, but through the tequila haze, it sounded normal. Later, I wondered about those words. My condolences to the family.
    Mike Berger

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